Pipe Jacketing Things To Know Before You Buy

Pipe Jacketing Things To Know Before You Buy

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Pipe Insulation & Jacketing Solution

Welcome to Shun Engineering Pte Ltd

Pipe Insulation and Jacketing Solution by Shun Engineering Pte Ltd located in West of Singapore for the past 10 years. Shun Engineering mainly focuses on proper pipe insulation adopting Qualified Pipe Insulation Standard procedures for ISO accredited manufacturing companies that require proper pipe insulation services.

Certified Insulation Technician
All our pipe insulators are trained and gone through a comprehensive test to become a CIT - Certified Insulation Technician. No general workers are allowed to work on every pipe insulation work. This examination is including how to ensure the insulation work pass or fail, measure, housekeeping at the client space, safety PPE on the workspace, etc. All insulation training records will keep for 5 years with our own quality manual.

7/24 hour Shift Pipe Insulation
For the past few years, we have our own ISM (Insulation Schedule Management) system to arrange for day and night shift pipe insulation work. After years of running pipe insulation services, there are some new or re-insulation work needs to be work at night, like a shopping mall, chemical plant, high floor company in city town, we will help our clients to arrange night shift work if necessary.

Precise Pipe Insulation
Our Certified Insulation Specialist will help the client understand the purpose of the application, measure the type of surface. Including calculates the surrounding condition factors, provides insulating material, and cost availability to our client. This ensures they get the proper insulation at a higher standard last longer with cost-saving.

Proper Insulation Work
Shun Engineering using the proper insulation standard to enhances our client’s workspace safe, neat, and achieve energy saving. We help our partner increase their credibility by upgrading insulation work in their manufacturing plant, become more reliable, competency, assurance that all the insulation work in their plant is professionally and meet Globally-Recognized Insulation Standards.


Don’t misread employees safety

Company owners, proper insulation work not only can achieves energy-saving for your process but also lifts up safety to higher levels in order to protect your employees. Always remember they are the ones who work hard for you, bring success to your hand.

Calibrated Insulation Tools
We send out our measuring tools for yearly calibration. For insulation material fabrication, the most important is dimension accuracy in order to produce the perfect insulation work. This is why our used tools for fabrication work must be calibrated yearly, accuracy must be within tolerance. Also, the calibration certificate must be under SAC and the laboratory needs to be accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

Cost Saving Insulation
Before pipe insulation on-site work, we prepare and fabricate insulation material on our own. We don't sub out, this is why our work is neat and tidy, we can re-do if any not right. We have our own beading, former, cutting, folding machines in the workshop, this is why we help our partners saving their budget and cost here. For the past 10 years, we help to supply insulation fabricated materials to other pipe insulation companies so that they can more info finish their insulation work easily. We supply elbows, PRV cover, valves box, flanges end cap, base on drawing fabrication, and more.

Important of Pipe Insulation
Proper pipe insulation can last many years, this is why our clients know we only provide a higher standard of pipe insulation work as this is related to workplace safety. Most of our clients use our neat pipe insulation work to pass their Safety ISO Certification, Customer Audit, and Energy Saving.

Proper pipe insulation and jacketing work are not just selecting material for inner and choose the material for jacketing on the outer, finish, No.


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